Exception OS v0.4 for Micromax Unite 2


Here is New update for Exception OS  for Micromax Unite 2.

printf("Your warranty is now void");
return 0; 


Lollipop 5.0.2

New Icons Added

Cool Status Bar

Battery Tweaked

Status Bar Clock Settings

Status Bar Color Settings

Smooth And Lag Free

Navigation Keys added

New Exception Settings Added

Move 2 Sdcard Supported

DSP+ Pre added in Exception Settings

Made Sd card as default

New Updated Ui

Font Changer included

Ad Blocker included

New Boot Animation

New Exception Boot Logo(By ME)

CM music player

More Explore it by yourself


  1. Screen Goes Black after Putting brightness to lowest (FIX: Use adaptive brightness)

  2. Dots are not visible while setting pattern (FIXED Check the Download Section)

Installation process:

  1. Boot into CTR OR PHILZ

  2. wipe data

  3. install zip from sdcard

  4. select ExceptionOs

  5. reboot & Enjoy



Exception OS

Pattern fix patch




SRT TEAM(Developer of the ROM)

Join Our New Micromax Unite 2 Development Group



12 thoughts on “Exception OS v0.4 for Micromax Unite 2

  1. I installed exception os v0.4 ,its very wonderful, beautiful .but i have a problem of internal memory ,In this ROM internal memory not show, just show the crediental store of 884 MB why? Please give me solution .this ROM is very good so I wait for your help……..please find solution and give me

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