Minimal OS for Micromax Unite 2


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Hey Guys I’m back with a New ROM for Micromax Unite 2 Build By Rohan Taneja Ported By Vivek Chib.

Memory leak fixes and other fixes from AOSP.
Layers 2.1 Support [Latest].
UBER Toolchain 4.9.4.
Disabled Fullscreen Keyboard in Landscape.
Notification Ticker.
Statusbar Brightness Control.
Show Notification Count.
Double-tap Statubar or Navbar to sleep.
Clock Customization [Left,Center,Right].
Headsup Swipe.
Battery Status Style.
Privacy Guard.
Filter Notifications.
Smart Call.
Smart Mute.
Detailed Caller Information.
Phone Number Lookup.
Quick Pin Unlock.
Gesture Unlock.
Quick Settings.
Quick Pulldown.
Show Weather [It will be removed soon].
Ability to disable Heads up.
Force Expanded Notification.
Advanced Reboot.
Screen Record.
Clear All Recents [Top right, Top left, Top center, Bottom right, Bottom left, Bottom center].
Show Search Bar in Recents Menu.
LCD Density.
Navbar Customization.
Navrings Customization.
Re-Orient Volume Buttons.
Expanded Desktop.
Ambient Display Customization.
Silent Mode.
Battery Light Customization.
LED Notification Customization

Screen Shots:

How to install:

Download the ROM
Copy the ROM to your SD Card
Boot into recovery
Wipe data, cache and dalvik cache

Install the ROM


Minimal OS


Shared Storage Patch 

8MP Cam Patch


Rohan Taneja(For this Build)

Pawan Diyal(For Fixing Bugs)

Ajit Guraya


Vivek Chib(Porter)

Vijay Jaiswal

Ranjan Singh(Shared Storage Patch)

Manan Vallecha

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11 thoughts on “Minimal OS for Micromax Unite 2

  1. Dear Team, thank u for all the developments. They are very very interesting and get. Please help me. When ever I want to install _a 5.1 based ROM on unite 2, very time during the installation a error or something don’t know showing “”detected file system ext 4 for dev/block/mmcblockop5, mount faild. Un amount-of system failed-no such volume . and after booting every thing is OK.. But while changing sim card preference for data, the network drop happening otherwise data is not working… Please help me on this brother. I love. The devlops but still in 5.0. Want to upgrade. And thank u for all 5.0 ROMs am using expection .5. Its awesome. Please help. No- 9439018729


  2. hello sir,
    after installing minimal os
    bluetooth share has stopped working error is occuring
    also wifi is not opening.
    installed rom twice and also tried clearing cache,dalvik cache,etc.
    problem persists in safe mode.
    please tell a fix soon.


      1. so can please tell any fix for this .
        bluetooth share has stopped working error is ocurring.
        or if u can suggest any other bugless rom,i am thinking of trying decepticon os.


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